Meet the team

Erika Petrie

Project coordinator / Lyrics and lead vocal / website administrator

After teaching English as a Foreign Language to adults for many years, I am now working in child education as a TA (supporting core subjects and pupils with learning difficulties). I have an interpreting & translating degree and speak Italian and French fluently, and my aim is also to teach French in schools later on to improve the linguistic curriculum available. As a mother of two girls and carer to a child (Miki) with special needs myself, I am passionate about both charity and music (I have sung in worship bands, gospel & university choirs and play amateur guitar). For me, music is an international vehicle of communication: my aim in writing the song ‘Different’ is both as an ‘awareness raiser’ and to raise valuable funds, both for charities which have supported my family and Miki’s school (Beaucroft).

Julian Saxl

Wrote the original music tracks and full music script for ‘Different’: violin, percussion, guitar
piano arrangement / recording engineer: Bendik Engebretsen / Bass guitar: Marius Engebretsen

I started violin at the Royal Northern College of Music, followed by the Ulster Orchestra and subsequently, the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra. I freelanced with various orchestras, String Quartets and groups, including playing on the London Sessions of Sinead O’Connor’s Theology album. I moved to Norway in 2010, where I teach at Sandefjord Kulturskolen and High School. I play in a number of different groups, bands and orchestras, in a wide variety of styles ranging from classical to rock. I was inspired by Erika’s lyrics and the sentiment in her musical sketch, and from that I wrote the music for the song.

Kay Caulkin-Jones

Harmonies / initial chords 

Music has always been important to me.  It is a great way to share feelings and bring enjoyment to social gatherings.   Originally from South Africa, I am now settled in Ringwood with my family of five.  My daughter Natalie shares my love for music and has also been included in this experience.  For the last ten years, I have been teaching piano, and more recently guitar chords.  I love to sing, usually harmonies, in local community choirs and I also help run the St. Ives school choir.  Moreover, I am a key member of ‘Music Unlocking Memories’, a regular workshop which helps people suffering with dementia. It is incredible to see the positive effect music has on these people, which is why I find this song so inspirational and firmly believe it has the power to change people’s lives. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed helping Erika from the beginning of this adventure, and her constant enthusiasm continues to inspire me.

Jamie King

Recording Artist 

I am a multi-instrumentalist, producer and workshop facilitator hailing from Bournemouth. With over twenty-five years’ experience in the music industry and working as an educator, it is in my production work that my skills particularly shine. A naturally creative and imaginative musician my production offers an auditory extravaganza. My latest projects have included working with groups and individuals with challenging circumstances and enriching lives through music for the Absolute Music Trust. A man with a social conscience, I have regularly teamed up with other charities and produced tracks for them. This includes my latest commission to help produce the track “Different”.

Greg Lumley

Photography / website manager

I am an Award Winning and Commercial Photographer from South Africa. Since starting out in 2004, I have a number of years’ experience and expertise under my belt. I specialise in “People” photography mostly, and am excellent at putting people in front of the camera and making them feel at ease, while also remaining professional. I am experienced in Corporate Headshots and reports, PR Photography, Event Photography (including weddings) and Conferences. Based in Wimborne Dorset, I can be available whenever required. Kay and Michelle, who are both close friends of Erika’s and fellow South Africans, approached me about getting involved in this ‘invaluable’ charity project, and I was happy to become a part of such a worthy cause. 

Sam Harvell

Filming / video clips

I am an aspiring filmmaker / freelance videographer, currently completing my final year of Film production at the University of Winchester. I am passionate about many different skills surrounding film including cinematography, audio recording, editing and animation. It is my desire to develop my abilities and go on to make my own films to nominate into film festivals, while sustaining myself with videography work. I am delighted to be involved in this ‘extremely worthy’ charity project (to raise awareness of DS), and to be able to put my newly found film-making skills and university knowledge to good use.

Ben Rugman

Web Developer

I am a junior web developer / designer and am just starting out in the world of web design and development. I was introduced to Erika, who needed some help with the finishing touches to the site and content management. I was very happy to get involved and help out in any way I could with this fantastic project, which I know will go some way towards raising awareness of these amazing charities (which do so much to support these ‘special’ families).

Donate Now!

As of 31st March 2022, Shades of Different is now officially registered as a charity incorporated organisation (charity no: 1198481). We aim to raise funds to provide vital therapies and promote better inclusion for differently able children, initially in Dorset and hopefully spreading to other parts of the UK in the future. Please donate as little or as much as you can, knowing that this will really make a difference to these children who really deserve it and can help to make our world a better place.

Thank you