‘That’s my Boy’ by Tracey Wolffe

Written by Guest Writer

June 29, 2020

We met Erika, Julia and Miki at church after our Great Escape to Dorset in 2014. The church was like a sanctuary to us after a protracted battle to save Nathan’s human right to eat! The words of a particular service helped release tears of hurt, fear and sadness at the way Nathan had been treated by the hospital where he was born. Erika and other members of the congregation were kind and supportive, and I felt less alone than I had for a long time.

 Nathan was born with brain damage in 2006 (something we didn’t know was possible in the modern age), and has consequently got quadriplegic cerebral palsy. He is non-verbal, partially sighted, has hearing loss, mild epilepsy, and needs assistance to eat, use his arms, sit, stand and walk. He is however the most beautiful, special, loving, forgiving, brave, resilient young man.

When Nathan was born, we were told he would never survive, and yet he is now a very happy healthy teenager,  having lived a full life, full of adventures (like paragliding, rock climbing and indoor sky diving!)

In 2019, I published the story of Nathan’s childhood, That’s My Boy! It outlines the positive, holistic, naturopathic approach I have taken to raising our disabled son, and his many achievements and successes. If anyone would like to read about our journey, and triumph over adversity, please email me [email protected] for a copy of That’s My Boy!


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