Heidi Crowter & James Carter (both with Down Syndrome) get married

Written by Erika Petrie

July 6, 2020

I think we were all deeply moved on Saturday watching Heidi Crowter and James Carter get married, not only because this was one of the first weddings to take place since lockdown, but also because to quote Heidi herself ‘I have been dreaming of this day my whole life’ and ‘he makes me feel the happiest girl in the world’. She is the very courageous young woman (and very talented public speaker), with Down Syndrome who just a few months ago campaigned against the UK law allowing Down Syndrome children to be pretty much aborted at birth, and rightly so, for what gives us the right to call their lives less worthy than ours…they are human beings too are they not? In Heidi’s words: ‘I am Heidi and I have an extra chromosome, but that has not stopped me from living an active, vibrant and fun life’.

Heidi and James (who said ‘I am marrying my best friend’), really deserved this special moment, both because they realize the real meaning of what marriage entails, (which they have proved through their love for each other, as we have watched their story unfold), and through their patience and endurance throughout lockdown, when they have only been able to see each other online. I was among their many supporters who tuned in to the Facebook live feed with baited breath on Saturday 4th July to watch their wedding, which took place at Hillfields Church in Coventry, and was deeply moved to watch their brief but very meaningful ceremony, where even their humour over the fumbling with the rings contributed to making them even more endearing in the eyes of the nation. It was also quite amusing to see James point playfully at Heidi, when it was mentioned how both of them were overenthusiastic when it came to singing hymns…truly special and full of that special innocence and purity that only they have!

Heidi and James have been planning this wedding with extreme care and detail for the last year, with their own blog called ‘Living the Dream’ on Facebook. They planned the catering and menu, the dress, outfits and flower arrangements in minute detail and were not deterred when told they would only be able to have a maximum of 30 guests present at the wedding. Their exchange of glances and way they held hands at the altar was just heartwarming to see and they really do appear to be ‘living the dream’. Congratulations James & Heidi…Mr. and Mrs. Carter… may you have many years of happiness ahead in your married life together!

‘Guilty as charged’ – James points to Heidi as being too ‘overenthusiastic’ when it comes to singing!


  1. Beverley Lawson

    What an inspirational and heartwarming story. Something positive to celebrate in these trying times! Wishing James and Heidi all the very best for their future together xx

    • Erika Petrie

      Thank you Beverley for your kind comment. It is indeed a heartwarming story and one which proves that even individuals who are ‘differently able’ can still live a full life if given the opportunity.


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