Ellie Goldstein as Gucci model

Written by Erika Petrie

July 10, 2020

This is Ellie Goldstein, a young 18 year old woman with Down Syndrome who has now become a model and the face of Gucci Italy. She has a winning smile and appears full of confidence and a flair for fashion.

Gucci Italia in partnership with Vogue recently scouted her for their latest fashion campaign, which also goes to prove how all inclusive and progressive they are becoming in the search for new faces… I think you’ll agree Ellie certainly has a winning smile.

She is one of a handful of women with Down Syndrome who have recently been accepted into the world of modelling, with some also included in acting, teaching, gymnastics championships and the hotel industry. This once again goes to prove how differently able people can have a lot to offer and indeed are able to lead full and happy lives if they are given the opportunity. They have more tenacity and determination in their desire to succeed than anyone, because they are used to encountering obstacles in the face of society, but these changes and inclusion that is happening slowly but surely is showing how mentality is changing and evolving… let’s hope other fashion brands follow suit!

Ellie Goldstein… the new face of Gucci Italia


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