A new restaurant ’21 Grammi’ opened in Brescia, Italy in February, run exclusively by Down Syndrome Staff

Written by Erika Petrie

August 19, 2020

This innovative new establishment inaugurated on 27th February, offers a wide range of options from breakfast to brunch to snacks and aperitif, bakery items, patisserie and delicatessen items to take away, as well as the familiar opportunity to have lunch or dinner there, where the originality lies in the staff that manage the restaurant itself.

Micol, Simone, Luca, Edoardo, Alessandro and Gabriele are all affected by Down Syndrome and during the course of the inauguration, they presented themselves to the guests, demonstrating their capabilities in the catering and hospitality sector. The result is a truly ‘special’ and ‘unique’ place rendered even more extra-ordinary by the staff who run it.

At the root of this idea is the Onlus charity, which has always been involved in finding work opportunities for disabled people, as well as their social integration in society. This activity is not so much one of charity, more a cry for solidarity, a project that aims to obtain equal rights, among which the right to work. With the support of professionals and the hospitality sector, these young down syndrome individuals will have the possibility to be socially involved and useful to the community, in the hope that this social inclusion will resonate far and wide.

These individuals have something to teach all of us with their dedication and commitment to work, and ability to work hard with a smile on their faces. We ought to learn to look beyond appearances, leaving prejudice aside and teach our children not to be afraid of ‘differences’: to be quite simply ‘human’ and non-judgemental.


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