Two Italian parents who, unable to have children of their own have adopted two children with Down Syndrome

Written by Erika Petrie

September 17, 2020

This is the story of Michela and Nicola, two Italian parents who following two unfortunate miscarriages and the news they could no longer have children of their own, decided to adopt two children with Down Syndrome. They started by adopting Marcello only after he had succumbed to successful heart surgery. He had been abandoned at the hospital by his birth parents and Michela felt this was a sign for them to do some good. At the time Michela, who works as a physiotherapist was working within an association for parents of children affected by Down Syndrome, which is how she found out Marcello had been abandoned and her heart went out to him.

Although non-verbal and autistic as well, Marcello is very clever and understands everything. He makes himself understood through body language and can sometimes type some of his emotions and needs on a computer when he wishes to. As soon as he started going to school his affection and strong physical presence had an extremely positive impact on the other children in his class and he was very well loved and accepted.

Subsequently when the family moved from Verona to Udine, where working in the hospital there she was approached by one of the staff asking advice about a girl born with Down Syndrome who had also just been abandoned by their birth family. Michela and her husband decided to adopt her as well and named her Anna. She is very creative being exceptionally good at drawing and a very good swimmer. She is completely different to her brother being quite a volcano in terms of presence and personality. Michela has a very profound faith and firmly believes that none of this happened by chance and that her life and the life of her family is richer because of it.


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