Raquel Caramello – her story

Written by Guest Writer

November 19, 2020

Raquel Caramello is 16 years old: a model, speaker, business owner, budding philanthropist and community advocate. She is the visionary and creator of her jewellery line. As the CEO and the designer and curator of her jewellery, Raquel chooses jewellery that will inspire others. “I want others to be inspired and feel positive and beautiful, when they wear my jewellery.” It’s not just a business for her… the vision for the brand was inspired by bullying that Raquel endured when she was battling leukaemia.

“When I lost my hair, some mean kids called me ugly and hideous because I was bald. I felt bad, and I don’t want anyone to feel bad about themselves. Everyone is beautiful and unique.” Each piece of her jewellery comes with a handwritten note from Raquel that says “You are beautiful.” She has shared the message with over 10,000 people, sold close to $10,000 in jewellery, and donated over $7,000 to new Mums that have had a baby with Down syndrome, children with Cancer and their parents, or nurses and heroes in our community. All sharing the inspirational message of beauty, ability, and gratitude. As if that wasn’t enough, Raquel raises money for local and national Down syndrome groups like the National Down Syndrome Society. She also supports Special Olympics, Best Buddies, Morning Star School, and Make-a-Wish. Together she has raised close to $8,000 for charitable causes that mean a lot to her. Raquel is a shining example that a diagnosis does not define her and despite her challenges in life, there is beauty that you can find all over again.


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