Maxine Simeone’s story

Written by Guest Writer

December 31, 2020

My sparkle life started with headbands. I’ve loved sparkles my whole life, especially disco balls and sapphires, my birthstone. Oh, and of course–diamonds!
I’ve always worn headbands. But, one day, when I was about eight or nine years old, a gem fell off the headband I was wearing. I really liked that headband, so I took my glue gun and fixed the gem back in place.

Suddenly, I saw the vision of my future. I decided to make my own headbands, and I would put sparkles on everything. I’ve been making my own headbands ever since. At first, I made the headbands as gifts for my friends and family. Then, I started selling them at events, like fabulous galas or fundraisers. Today, I’m selling my creations in stores and on my Esty shop, Sparkles by Maxine. I’ve also been featured on the news, which was so cool. I am not shy at all around cameras and have a good time posing and showing off my headbands.

Being the owner of Sparkles by Maxine is wonderful because I love seeing people wear my headbands and hair clips and be happy. Also, it’s good for people to see a lady boss. I love selling my headbands because when you sparkle, you feel fun. You can let go in your mind and just be happy. So, I love to see people sparkle because I love to see them happy.


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