Marina’s Story

Written by Erika Petrie

January 27, 2021

Marina is a young girl with Down Syndrome who in November will turn 11. Despite being hospitalised when she was very young and having emergency surgery on her stomach, she has overcome all her obstacles and gone from strength to strength. She attends mainstream school with some support but is well liked by her peers and appears to have many friends. She is extremely sociable and friendly, and has a great sense of humour, as well as a heart-warming smile.

She has no sense of fear and likes to try new things, especially outdoor activities of which she loves trampolining and being out on her scooter (which she likes going on at great speed). She is into everything, loves being creative, uses Whatsapp on her phone and can count to ten in three different languages.

She really enjoys cooking, especially making pizza, which her mum says is being faithful to her neopolitan roots (her mum is Italian / her dad English) !!! She loves meal times and has a very healthy appetite. She likes singing and remembers the words to many musical theme songs. She has a passion for reading and adores painting, especially with water colours. Her favourite colour is pink and she likes to wear colourful clothes.

Marina on her scooter

Marina with her au pair (left) and mum Antonella (right)


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