Bryton and Fenix’s Story written by their mum Janalyn

Written by Guest Writer

August 14, 2021

Janalyn shares her family’s story of both of her sons: Fenix who was born with Down Syndrome, and Bryton who was born with birth defects of his eyes.  Although Janalyn’s family has faced many challenges, they have faced each challenge head on, not willing to give up or be knocked down.  Read their inspiring story:

I am a proud mother of four beautiful children: two boys and two girls. Both of my sons were born with birth defects. Fenix, the older of the two boys, has Down Syndrome. 

Things were rough when we first found out. My husband and I had little to no experience with Down syndrome. He was hospitalized multiple times as a baby because of respiratory illnesses. He is a very energetic child who loves sports and music. He loves life. His future is very bright.

My youngest child, Bryton, was born with anophthalmia (missing eye) on his left side and micropthalmia (small eye) on his right side. Because of this, he is completely blind. Once again, our family was in a state of disbelief. Once the shock wore off and we were able to get Bryton the medical care and help he needed to succeed, we were able to come together as a family once again. Bryton gives the greatest hugs and is always happy. We still have some challenges. His speech is delayed and he is just learning to walk. His laugh could brighten anyone’s day. We face many challenges as a family, but we face each challenge head on, not willing to give up or be knocked down. All my children deserve the best that life can give and that is what I am here for—to ensure that their lives are grand.


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