Kei’Arie Tatum

Written by Guest Writer

December 5, 2021

Down Syndrome isn’t a choice…Acceptance is!

Kei’Arie “Angel Baby” Tatum has been working since the age of 3yrs old. Kei’Arie has been included in the entertainment industry as a phenomenal actress & model. Years of working in this field and upon completion of Kei’Arie’s amazing years of school and getting straight A’s, she graduated to become the Boutique owner of Angel Babies Boutique. Kei’Arie enjoys helping others, spreading more love, awareness and inclusion for all Angel Babies (Special needs) in the world. She has gained the love, hearts and support of many and hopes to continue her liberating journey in respecting and caring for others while gaining more inclusion. Thank you for allowing the Angel Baby Team this platform to share a small token of Kei’Arie Tatum’s victories. Blessings to everyone! We always say “there is strength in numbers”.


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