Podcast at Forest FM – 21st March 2022 World Down Syndrome Awareness Day

Written by Erika Petrie

April 10, 2022

Richard Oliff at Forest FM interviews Erika Petrie & Simon Frankland on World Down Syndrome Awareness Day. Erika talks about the new articles on the live blog and Simon talks about overcoming the stigma associated with Down Syndrome. Richard also asks Erika about her plans for Shades of Different which is becoming a charity, bringing up Micaela and her incredible ability to live in the moment and Erika’s new anthem for Inclusion ‘Include Me’ which is aired on the radio for the first time on World Down Syndrome Awareness Day. Simon Frankland also brings his ‘Wouldn’t Change a Thing’ track to the table, to be aired once again live as a positive DS message in changing perceptions and to announce his involvement on the diversity & inclusion CD which will be the first major fundraiser for Shades of Different. Thank you also to Steve Saville for arranging the interview!

Erika Petrie & Simon Frankland

Erika & Simon

Erika raising a glass with Richard Oliff

Pointing at the Forest FM banner! Thank you guys!


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