Hope FM Podcast – World Down Syndrome Awareness Week – 25th March 2022

Written by Erika Petrie

April 17, 2022

Ryan & Dan either side of Erika

Ryan Boydon at Hope FM interviews Erika Petrie at the end of World Down Syndrome Awareness Week. Erika talks about Shades of Different being an unincorporated organisation that has almost gained charity status. Ryan asks Erika about how Shades of Different came about and her plans moving forward, how Micaela is an inspiration for her and about Erika’s new rock track to promote Inclusion called ‘Include Me’ which has only just started being aired on the radio (prior to the release of their diversity and inclusion CD, which will soon be released as part of their major fundraiser for the charity itself). The hope for Shades of Different in the future is to promote better inclusion in society for all differently able children, as well as better role models and opportunities, also in appreciation of their rights as people. ‘Include Me’ is played about half way through the interview. Thank you also to Dan Withey for helping to arrange the interview with Ryan!

Erika in the Hope Studio

Ryan & Erika


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