Hot Radio Podcast announcing Shades of Different Charity Status – 5th April 2022

Written by Erika Petrie

April 19, 2022

Martyn The Hat interviews Erika Petrie and Simon Frankland about Shades of Different and their newly granted charity status. Erika explains their plans for Shades of Different moving forward and how they aim to help Micaela and other differently able children. Simon talks about his involvement in Erika’s charity CD project and the Include Me club remix version he helped remix (as well as how the CD will become available). The new ‘Include Me’ club remix is played for the first time and they talk about Jamie King and other parties involved in the production of the track. They also talk about the awareness raising side of Shades of Different and the live blog which incorporates all kinds of stories celebrating all walks of life and different obstacles / challenges that have been overcome. Erika also mentions the Down Syndrome Bill that has been passed (1st April 2022) and gives Down Syndrome individuals more of a voice as well (thank you to Heidi & James Crowter, Bethany Asher and Fionnathan for helping make this happen!)

Erika & Simon in the Hot Radio Studio

Martyn The Hat (Martyn Harris)


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