Chris Holden’s Story

Written by Erika Petrie

May 30, 2022

My name is Chris Holden and I am from Cheshire United Kingdom, aged 38. I have been diagnosed with autism & bipolar disorder and have experienced online cyber-bullying first hand, through online social media, online trolling and vicious attacks via Whats App and Facebook, that over the past eighteen months have caused a considerable decline in my mental health to such an extent I have been listed as a vulnerable missing person on multiple occasions. I have also had to seek hospital help and support owing to self injury.

I am now in a happier stronger place and in a position to give back to those with no support around them to protect them, so I came up with the idea of getting in contact with my local MP and DMCS (Department for Media Culture And Sport), who have been extremely supportive of my campaign to make the internet a safer place

Now with this encouragement and support in place, I’m campaigning via twitter and Facebook for a safer internet world, particularly for those with mental health or vulnerabilities.

As an Advocate for those with a hidden disability I was just wondering, what’s your stance on cyber-bullying? What are the detrimental effects it has upon its victims and their families? How many more tragic deaths to suicide do there have to be? How many more heartbroken families must there be for change to happen?

I came across the ‘Shades of Different’ live blog via Twitter, which I take inspiration and strength from and I hope you will be also willing to support me in my campaign for internet regulation to save lives before yet another tragic suicide happens again to destroy families.
I attach copies of my letters from the DCMS ( Department for Digital Culture Media & Sport ) and from my local MP here in Cheshire MP Edward Timpson CBE acknowledging their support for my campaign.
I also attach my newest two page article on the effects of cyber-bullying with thanks and highest regards to the national disability Magazine ‘Enable’ and my own write up of what has happened to me as well as my local Winsford Guardian Article. 



    Thank YOU INDEED, dear Chris, for the bravest young man you are to voice for differently abled unvoiced souls!

    You are a truly difference maker!

    • Erika Petrie

      Your kind words of support and encouragement are very much appreciated dear Iris…thank you for taking the time to read Chris’s story and for your praise of his difference making. Chris is a truly selfless soul who is fighting hard to prevent others from going through what he had to. His passion for this campaign speaks volumes!

    • Chris Holden

      Thankyou kindly for all your kind support kindness and encouragement means the universe

      • Julie Rocco

        Chris–I appreciate that you reached out to me via my website contact form. I replied via email but sometimes my emails, I am finding, get caught up in spam so I am reaching out to you here, too. Your story and journey to save lives is quite remarkable. I admire your courage to take personal pain and evolve it into a story of strength and helping others. Please, reach out to me directly at [email protected] or my Facebook page DM at What I Would Have Missed. You can also find the podcast with the same title, What I Would Have Missed. I would love to have you as a guest on the show. Your story is powerful and will be great for my international listeners to hear. Podcast Link:

        • Anita Scott

          My son lost his life due to bullying in 2022. Al Sanya as I approach your 36th Birthday I just pray that you have found peace and can now rest. Love you with all my heart Puyo Puyo. Sleep on. Mum xxx


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