Yowah Radio Podcast 27th April 2022

Written by Erika Petrie

May 30, 2022

Steve Twynham interviews Erika Petrie about how Shades of Different came about, the whole story from the beginning and the plans for Shades of Different now it has become an official registered charity. He plays her new rock inclusion track ‘Include Me’, which will be featured on her charity CD fundraiser in the coming months.


  1. Catherine HELLE

    Erika, you are definitely the right ambassador for including cause, and I love you for this!
    You are very special and I wish the founds you will get thanks to your website and the CD will allow to improve children s life and education.
    Love you much, Erika!

    • Erika Petrie

      I appreciate your comments my dear Catherine and I am very grateful to have you on board our exciting charity CD project. Your track is deeply moving and just so beautiful…I am very lucky to have such talented musicians as yourself on board. Big love. 🙂


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