Rebecca’s Story (Down Syndrome Awareness Month)

Written by Guest Writer

October 13, 2022

Rebecca recently started work experience at a local cafe, where she is learning new skills. Her mum, Kathryn, told us more. 

‘We have been going to the Beach Café for quite a few years. We go quite regularly with friends and Rebecca often says that she wants to work there. We were talking to the owner about a “pop up restaurant” that Rebecca was involved in at ‘4 Ever Unique’ where young adults made and served afternoon tea to parents. A while later, the owner of the café asked if I thought that Rebecca would be ok to do some work there. I of course said yes but suggested that maybe work experience, with myself being on hand in case Rebecca needed support with anything, would be best to begin with. I didn’t tell Rebecca until the morning she was starting.  I gave her the t-shirt and apron that the owner had sent for her to wear and she was ecstatic, she couldn’t believe that she was going to be doing some work.

We went for the first time this Sunday and Rebecca was clearing and wiping tables and helping with the washing up. Rebecca didn’t need me other than to clean her glasses! The girls that were working with Rebecca all commented on how well she was doing and how polite she was. A customer asked Rebecca a question and Rebecca replied “I don’t know, I’m new, sorry” which was really great as it was something that she wasn’t expecting to be asked.  When we left one of the girls called Rebecca over and said that at the end of everyone’s shift the tips get shared and she gave Rebecca £1 out of what was in the pot at that time.  Rebecca is already looking forward to going again next week to see what else she can learn. Rebecca will also do work experience with college, but this opportunity to gain independence and life skills in a small independent café is perfect for her.’

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