Harry’s Story (Feature Article: Down Syndrome Awareness Month) by Josie Smith

Written by Guest Writer

October 17, 2022

My son Harry is, simply put, the most spectacular, hilarious, kind-hearted and beloved boy. Though he categorically insists on being called a man. My daughter and I often get in trouble for that slip of the tongue. I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that when he was born, and we received the diagnosis, my whole world shattered. But I thank my lucky stars everyday that it did, because the world that bloomed in its place with Harry in it was more wonderful than I could’ve ever possibly imagined.

Harrison Francis Smith was the cheekiest little butter ball of a baby, and has grown into a very cheeky young man, who makes our family and his friends laugh on a daily basis. An avid dancer and singer, I never fail to pick him out from the crowd, as he regularly performs a full beat behind the music. His DVD collection would make a Hollywood director weep in jealousy, and despite hating horror movies, he is absolutely obsessed with anything and everything to do with Stranger Things.

You can see his eclectic and colourful personality in every facet of his bedroom, at his new home, The Lantern. Luck? Ha! I was blown away when he was accepted into this fantastic community for disabled adults who require round the clock care. The carers are without a doubt, some of the kindest people on this planet, the facilities are impeccable, situated right in the New Forest and just five minutes from his mum. He even works a proper job, at the onsite café, as well as making items to sell in the shop. It has given him structure and safety, fun and family, and it does my heart so good knowing I need never have to worry about his future now.

My love for Harry is fierce and true and comes from places in my heart that were hidden to me before he came along. He is the blessing I never knew the world needed, and I feel like the luckiest woman in the world, to call him my son.


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